Jasmin Lace Photography | About


I am a passionate self-taught photographer living in Oregon. I am totally addicted to light and color and to sharing the small things in the world that often go overlooked. My desire is that my images will open your heart to the wonders that are all around us.


A bit more about me and my photography journey

I was born and grew up in Sydney Australia in a warm and loving home. From my early years I was encouraged to explore my love of all kinds of art. I have been painting since I was very small and also using my parents Pentax film camera. In 2005 my parents got a little Canon point and shoot - my first experience of digital - I was totally hooked. In 2013 just prior to traveling to India I got my first DSLR - a Nikon D7000. More recently I have added a Fuji mirrorless camera to my bag - I am really enjoying that and have been re-inspired to new creativity.

My initial impulse with photography was/is to get right in close to things, usually small things, that we might pass by without looking at, like a blade of grass or a 'weed' in our garden. There is so much incredible beauty and I love to share it!


My photos are being used on the websites and advertising materials of spiritual teachers:

Gangaji: www.gangaji.org

Lisa Schumacher: www.satsangwithlisa.org


And the websites of these teachers, therapists and non-profits:

Eli Jaxon-Bear: www.leelaschool.org

Physiothea Hamburg: www.physiotherapie-hamburgaltona.de

Monique Engelenberg: www.journeytherapeut.nu

Ramana's Grace: www.ramanasgrace.org